MDR+ (Managed Detection and Response) from BlueVoyant is remote endpoint monitoring, protection, and incident remediation. Utilizing Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software, we scan for, investigate, and neutralize threats on your behalf.

This service allows you to expand your cybersecurity capabilities to defend against the latest and most sophisticated threats.


    • 24/7 investigation from SOC experts
    • Prevent malware and monitor network health
    • Track and record relevant alerts
    • Enrich indicator data by automated and manual classification
    • Manage and prescreen software upgrades
    • Advanced Threat Detection provides full telemetry to actively hunt for threats that are evading detection


New malware and ransomware variants, advanced fileless attacks, and hybrid attacks are designed to be fast moving and bypass traditional security controls. They compromise sensitive data assets and interrupt business operation before most organizations can react. Mitigating risk requires immediate response, enhanced security tools, and an elite team of experts.

Based on your unique business needs, BlueVoyant will augment your current IT team or serve as your complete cybersecurity solution. You decide which of our layerable solutions and services is the best match for your enterprise.

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Detect, block, and contain malware, ransomware, zero-days, and fileless attacks across your network with MDR+. We combine the best available NGAV and EDR technology with an elite team of security analysts to extend your existing technologies and team.

Our remote endpoint incident investigation and remediation is led by BlueVoyant cyber intelligence experts who record all actions made on your behalf in our user-friendly client portal, Wavelength™. You have complete visibility into security incidents and alerts, as well as prioritized notifications so you can avoid “noisy” distractions.


Full Lifecycle Protection from Early Detection to Remediation

Combining automated processes and technologies with expert, field-seasoned cyber intelligence analysts, you’ll receive full-spectrum protection from initial alert to security event remediation.

Transparency and Reporting

We investigate, triage and remediate security events for you and provide executive-level reporting. You can watch the Security Operations Centers operate live, responding to security events through Wavelength™.

Hunting Threats within Your Network

Proactive threat hunting activities reveal dormant or trojan threat actors that evade network and endpoint detection solutions. Our Advanced Threat Detection includes full telemetry leveraging the benefits of EDR with our SOC experts.

Proprietary Threat Intelligence

We utilize proprietary, open-source, and Dark Web intelligence to identify attacks, expedite triage and enrich investigations conducted by the Security Operations Centers. We see more so we can respond faster and more accurately than our competitors.


Top-of-the-line security tools are expensive to purchase and require a team of experts to install, integrate and manage. BlueVoyant’s unique approach incorporates a sophisticated method of detecting threats faster with the ability to contain and remediate the incident in a timely matter. We will work as your Partner, engaging you and tailoring our service to meet your unique needs.

Team Working Together


Internal and external systems need to be regularly scanned to identify security risks associated with new assets. BlueVoyant offers best-of-breed technology to help with asset discovery which identifies new additions and then classifies, prioritizes, remediates, and mitigates vulnerabilities.
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