What is DaaS?

DaaS (Detection-as-a-Service℠) from BlueVoyant collects logs from applications and on-premise and/or cloud infrastructure to enable advanced threat detection. It provides the power of a SIEM without the complexity.

A better, more cost-effective solution for IT teams that lack the expertise or budget to leverage a full SIEM solution, DaaS provides correlation and analysis of disparate log data with live monitoring by 24x7 global cybersecurity operations centers. This service covers endpoints, network perimeter security, and users.


    • Data collection and analysis
    • Infrastructure hosting, monitoring, patching and upgrades
    • Health monitoring to ensure log collection and environment visibility
    • Automation and orchestration of data
    • Compliance documentation and reporting


You can acquire a level of protection that large enterprises achieve, at a fraction of the cost. Detection-as-a-Service℠ helps businesses, large and small, automate the collection, indexing, and alerting of data that is critical to your operations.

Using Splunk®, we create tailored reports that outline actionable insights and intelligence gathered from all of your data sources - from the network to the endpoints. BlueVoyant lets you harness human intelligence and machine learning for proactive enterprise security.

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DaaS delivers advanced threat detection by correlating disparate data from diverse sources. BlueVoyant simplifies threat analysis and creates actionable information by ensuring all users, network and endpoints are accounted for and properly set up.

Through Wavelength™, our client portal, you can get around the clock visibility into all relevant security activities across your network.

Have a more advanced security team or need custom correlations? We can help with Co-Managed SIEM.


SIEM-Like Protection with Real Transparency

Clients can observe, in real time, how our security analysts are keeping their enterprise safe, 24/7. With DaaS, clients can see more through a single-pane-of glass, enabling greater insights. They can break down incomplete and siloed data into an integrated view to prioritize improvements.

Security Event Monitoring

Detect potential threat actors based upon reputation established by correlating inbound and outbound network traffic and monitoring of suspicious and malicious domains and IP addresses.

Investigation and Notification

Automatic alerts are generated for the SOC where security analysts investigate triggering events to confirm threat actor behavior. Notifications are tailored to the client’s preference and recorded in Wavelength™.

Leverage Splunk® Enterprise Platform

As a component of the BlueVoyant Platform, Splunk® Enterprise is used to enable log collection, detect threat actors, and facilitate analysis.


Our team of analysts support Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that initiate investigations into security alerts. The orchestration and automation of security events allow our experts to zero in on the critical alerts that put your organization at risk. We leverage proprietary, open-source, and Dark Web intelligence to expedite, triage, and enrich investigations conducted by the SOC.

Benefit from industry experts


As part of our commitment to democratizing cybersecurity, BlueVoyant’s services are designed to be layered; however, each service offering provides significant value as a stand-alone solution. MDR+ adds remote breach prevention and remediation services for endpoints.

  • Detect security events with best-of-breed Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions.
  • Block and contain security events automatically.
  • Remediate endpoint incidents and apply proactive Threat Hunting - led by our investigators and cyber.
  • Receive cyber event remediation and a report on how to improve your security posture.


Organizations come to us because they lack the technology and expertise to keep their networks safe. Their current technology is no longer as effective as it once was and has grown too complex to manage due to internal resource constraints.

Rather than purchase yet another point solution that’s not tailored for their organization's needs, they turn to Detection-as-a-Service℠ to achieve these same levels of protection that large enterprises enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

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