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Investment Companies

Hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices, asset managers and other investment firms need a dependable approach to mitigating cybersecurity risk. You need a partner who can easily integrate into your investment process, identify the cyber risks, and help protect your investment capital. BlueVoyant can help.

Designed to support your full investment cycle.

A cyber breach can reduce the value of or even end an investment opportunity.

PII, sensitive business data and complex financial dealings offer threat actors multiple doorways into your ecosystem.

At BlueVoyant, our services help identify, prioritize and remediate critical risks and vulnerabilities, while supporting your portfolio companies in reinforcing their cybersecurity posture.

Among other initiatives, we’ll help you overcome the five key cyber challenges in your industry today:

  1. Continuously managing cyber risk across your portfolio, with real-time external monitoring of key vulnerabilities.
  2. Collaborating directly with your portfolio companies.
  3. Understanding and addressing cyber risks across existing portfolio companies and potential new investments.
  4. Protecting your brand reputation and assets by monitoring the dark web, IM, social media, phishing, web impersonation and credential protection.
  5. Quickly minimizing the extent and impact of breaches with incident response, cyber forensics, and litigation support.

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Portfolio Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity is a key risk factor in any investment opportunity. We’ll help you identify risk throughout the investment process, from a single transaction to a portfolio.

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