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U.S. Federal Solutions

Cybersecurity and supply chain risk management for U.S. federal entities.

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BlueVoyant’s Ecosystem Cyber Defense Platform for U.S. Federal Entities

BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command™

A comprehensive supply chain risk management solution that continuously monitors your vendors.

BlueVoyant Supply Chain Command enables program executive officers to identify risks as they are introduced into the supply chain or customize a solution to meet the needs of specific programs and contracts.

We combine the capabilities of a powerful cloud-native, third-party cyber risk management solution with a supply chain risk management solution by 202 Group – a BlueVoyant company – to create a new offering.

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Digital Risk Protection

Proactive defense, monitor for threats, and IOCs across the deep, open, and dark web.

We use turnkey solutions, enabling real-time response to prioritize threats as conditions evolve and defend against targeted cyber attacks, data loss, phishing scams, or account takeovers.

Our systems are overseen by a field-tested squad of former national security experts, while giving you the option to let your team handle responses by utilizing our monitoring solutions.

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CMMC Services

Our work in government, public sector, and critical national infrastructure work spans a global set of use cases.

Our CMMC program is just one example of how our team supports organizations across the U.S.

The new CMMC regulations will fundamentally change the way you do business with the U.S. Department of Defense.

We can help you find your new pathway, protect your contracts and deliver your revenue, starting with proactive CMMC pre-assessments.

Our assessments include a detailed comparison of current states of cybersecurity posture and maturity against the CMMC framework controls associated with the maturity level you wish to achieve.

We have extensive experience providing similar assessments, including the NIST 800-171 assessment, as well as our own proprietary Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (CMA).

See our dedicated page to stay on top of all the latest developments, case studies and top tips framework.

CMMC: The Journey To Compliance

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Why Trust BlueVoyant?

We combine a team of world-class cybersecurity experts, industry-best data, and process automation to help businesses sustainably protect themselves in a changing landscape.

Our team is comprised of world-class cyber experts led by former senior leaders from the NSA, FBI, GCHQ, and Fortune 500 companies.

We serve as an extension of your security team to deliver a level of protection previously available to only the largest and most well-defended organizations.

BlueVoyant uses the largest globally distributed private sector datasets to track and prepare against the latest attack vectors.

We identify and mitigate threats as they emerge, ensuring your business and wider ecosystem are always prepared for rapid, effective response and threat neutralization.

Our custom-built automations, fed by an extensive collection of data connectors and playbooks, help detect threats faster, eliminate false positives and reduce manual tasks.

They turn our experts’ tradecraft into code, so we can scale across your threat landscape and focus where it counts.

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