Protection for Your C Suite

Corporate executives are among the most marked targets by hackers. In fact, in a recent study, 40% of global organizations cited their c-level employees, including the CEO, as their highest cybersecurity risk.

Bluevoyant Executive Cyber Guard helps defend against attacks targeting your executives by providing the necessary intelligence required in today’s digital world. 

BlueVoyant utilizes a combination of public and proprietary data sources to monitor threat actor activity in real-time 24/7, delivering the best executive protection and unlimited digital threat removal service available in the market today.

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Continuous Monitoring, Immediate Action

BlueVoyant proactively detects digital threats against your brand, offering unlimited take-down of new domains that leverage our 24/7 Security Operation Centers (SOC) to take immediate action and remove threats quickly.

How It Works

Real-Time Automation

BlueVoyant utilizes automation to detect visual impersonation of the target. This process identifies fake accounts on social media platforms using advanced algorithms with real-time monitoring of accounts.

Integrated Intelligence

BlueVoyant provides integrated threat intelligence to help prevent future cyberattacks that includes the detection of leaks of any kind that may harm the executive or the organization

Cyber Expertise

Expert threat analysts conduct additional research that characterizes the digital signature of the target and enables better tracing and detection of additional accounts.

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