Everything You Should Know About Cybersecurity Assessment, Planning and response

Studies have shown that a proactive approach to cybersecurity greatly reduces the chances of business interruption when an incident turns into a breach.


In this eBook, Austin Berglas, Global Head of Professional Services, discusses the constantly evolving threat landscape, the challenges facing businesses today, and what business leaders should understand about the state of their organization’s cyber protection. 


Plan as if you have already been compromised, take a threat actor’s view into your organization, and prepare for the inevitability that you will be targeted and breached.


Our goal is to keep ahead of the criminals who are trying to make a profit off of the data they steal from our customers and our members. We work 24/7/365 to identify, detect, prevent, and respond to security incidents. 

Do you suspect you’ve been breached? Have an incident? Don’t wait, contact us - - available 24/7/365 or call us Monday-Friday 8am-5pm ET at 646-558-0052.


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