Build Your Own SOC or Partner with an MSSP?

There are three considerations in this "make" versus "buy" decision: SOC staffing costs, security infrastructure costs, and time to maturity.

Written by Travis Mercier | CISSP - BlueVoyant, Head of Global Security Operations  

Travis has built, led, and operated SOCs for 7 organizations, 5 of which are Fortune 500 organizations. 


Build a SOC or Partner with an MSSP? 

Threats coming from around the world are on the rise. As a result, a SOC needs to be staffed 24x7x365. Building a SOC is an expensive undertaking that takes time. Partnering with an MSSP will cost less than 25% of the annual costs of building your own SOC. 


Who Should Read This Report: Business Leaders, Security Professionals, and Decision Makers 

Organizations need to improve their security posture. Executive management must weigh the costs/benefits of building, staffing, and managing their own SOC, or partnering with an MSSP. 


Why it Matters

Most SMBs are underprotected and hackers know it. Regardless of company size, the financial risks demand an effective, efficient, and high-end SOC to protect their businesses.


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