Advanced Protection for Your Digital Assets

Your brand is under constant attack. Every day, threat actors use a variety of methods to try to steal information, from setting up fake websites and social media accounts to integrating malicious code in lookalike applications.

Today’s digital world has not only made it simpler to connect with consumers, it’s also made it easier for cybercriminals to impersonate your brand, target your consumers and cause irreparable damage.

BlueVoyant’s Digital Brand Protection  proactively detects and disrupts phishing attacks, fake social media accounts, and rogue applications to protect your brand outside your perimeter. Minimize organizational risk by defending against attacks targeting your customers, partners, and employees.

BlueVoyant Digital Brand Protection helps protect your organization by delivering:

  • High fidelity alerts delivered with a 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Continuous monitoring 24 x 7
  • Unlimited, effective take-downs

Continuous Monitoring, Unlimited Takedowns

BlueVoyant proactively detects digital threats against your brand, offering unlimited take-down of new domains that leverage our 24/7 Security Operation Centers (SOC) to take immediate action and remove threats quickly.

How It Works

Anti-Phishing Detection

BlueVoyant analyzes over 100M new domains daily, utilizing a wide range of open and proprietary data sources, including active and passive DNS records, domain registration data, and advanced web-crawling capabilities to uncover digital threats against your organization.

Fake Social Media Accounts Detection

BlueVoyant continuously monitors the social media landscape to identify fraudulent social media accounts that mimic your brand and key-personnel across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Rogue Application Detection

BlueVoyant actively detects third-party modifications of legitimate apps, unauthorized brand affiliations, and rogue applications, both for mobile devices and desktop. Brand Protection dynamically scans Google Play, Apple App Store, and more than 170 different unofficial app-stores on a daily basis to uncover illegitimate applications.

Ready to start?

Let BlueVoyant Brand Protection help your organization defend against digital threats.