Cybersecurity has emerged as a key risk factor in any investment opportunity, yet it is often overlooked.

BlueVoyant Cyber Risk Management for Investors effectively identifies cybersecurity issues throughout the investment process, providing expertise to assess, quantify, and mitigate cyber risks associated with a potential transaction or an investment portfolio.

Services scale from evaluating an investment to ongoing portfolio monitoring, to help you manage cyber risk and ensure issues are rectified.

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What We Do at BlueVoyant

INFORM about cyber risks within your ENTIRE investment portfolio.
GUIDE you and your companies on WHAT to do about it and HOW.
ENSURE that it is DONE.

Portfolio Management | Investment Portfolio Cyber Risk Assessment

BlueVoyant can help identify and prioritize cyber risks within your portfolio to ensure your enterprise security standards are met. We help:

  • Triage top priorities for further cyber assessment/remediation actions
  • Make selected remediation recommendations to mitigate critical vulnerabilities and compromises

Portfolio Management | Investment Portfolio Cyber Risk Monitoring

BlueVoyant can provide ongoing monitoring across your investment portfolio to help identify and mitigate cyber risk. This includes:

  • Continuous curation of external cyber risk score
  • Material increase in cyber risk score triggers alerts
  • Materiality thresholds set by the client based on risk tolerance
  • Alerts investigated by BlueVoyant cyber experts
  • Notifications and interactions with the client and/or portfolio company pursuant to Service Level Agreement

Customized Dashboard with Real-Time Insights



New Investment Due Diligence | Early Summary Report

BlueVoyant can conduct an anonymous external security risk assessment on your investment targets. Without interference, we can provide an external view into their security posture and an overview of any security risks you should be aware of prior to engaging them, without requiring their knowledge or consent to the exam.

This report is designed to give early-stage guidance to investment professionals, you will:

  • Know whether or not a major cyber risk issue is likely
  • Receive recommendations, if needed, of the steps to take in the diligence process to further assess and mitigate the risk
  • Gain insights quickly with intelligence available in less than a week, depending on the urgency
Investment Report

New Investment Due Diligence | Later Stage Full Report

BlueVoyant can conduct a more detailed investigation to provide deeper insight into the potential cyber risks associated with an investment target that includes:

  • Detailed external findings report by cyber experts
  • Direct or indirect interaction with the target to refine findings
  • Recommendations as to next steps, if needed, to manage the cyber risk pre and post-acquisition

Additional services are available that include cyber questionnaires and/or penetration testing, upon request.

Later Stage Full Report Form

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