How BlueVoyant Manages Cyber Risk

Most organizations don’t have the resources they need in house to identify the most pressing cyber risks within an investment opportunity or their entire supply chain. Moreover, they can’t outline what’s necessary to effectively mitigate those new risks and ensure the problem areas are dealt with completely.

BlueVoyant helps alleviate the complexities of managing cyber risks, from evaluating new vendors or investments, to continuously monitoring and remediating issues.

BlueVoyant’s CRx service actively manages third-party cybersecurity on behalf of clients to an agreed risk tolerance, accommodating existing client risk methodologies.

BlueVoyant supports all activities within the life cycle, such as information assessment and analysis, remediation and execution, including close collaboration with business partners.

Supply Chain Risk

For CISO, CIOs, and Third-Party Risk Teams

BlueVoyant Vendor Risk Management helps protect organizations by identifying, managing, and remediating security risks posed by business partners and supply chain relationships. Learn more >>

Investment Risk

    For Investors and Portfolio Managers

    BlueVoyant Cyber Risk Management for Investors effectively identifies and mitigates cyber risks associated with an investment target or within a portfolio. Learn more >>

What We Do at BlueVoyant

INFORM about cyber risks within your ENTIRE supply chain or portfolio.
GUIDE the organization regarding WHAT to do about it and HOW.
ENSURE that it is DONE.

Third-Party Cyber Risk Interactive Infographic

Learn about the need for managed cyber risk services with BlueVoyant with our new, interactive digital infographic. 

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Scalable Managed Cyber Risk Services

Get accurate, timely, and actionable insights about vendor and investment cyber risks.

  • Quickly assess, identify, and monitor relevant risks
  • Obtain security assessments for acquisition targets
  • Respond more efficiently and effectively with fewer false positives

Robust and Reinforced Services

BlueVoyant Cyber Risk Management Services are built on BlueVoyant’s core capabilities to deliver accurate and actionable insights into cyber risks in a scalable solution. Each managed service includes:

  • An initial assessment prepared by in-house expert analysts
  • Integrated threat intelligence populated from proprietary global data sets
  • Access to our client portal with threat scores and supporting information regarding findings
robust and reinforced

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