Limit Breach Exposure From Business Credential Compromises

Employee emails, usernames, and passwords are constantly being sold on the Deep and Dark Webs (DDW) by threat actors looking to profit from compromising and breaching your organization.

A recent report stated that 60 percent of initial entries into victims' networks that were observed leveraged either previously stolen credentials or known software vulnerabilities.

BlueVoyant Credential Watcher™ monitors known threat actor channels for exposed business credentials, providing proactive alerts that allow you to take immediate action.

Credential Watcher Brief

Continuous Monitoring to Ensure Protection

BlueVoyant’s data breach monitoring team will continuously collect and analyze data to determine if any additional account credentials are exposed and need to be rectified.

How It Works

Establish a Baseline

Every Credential Watcher engagement begins with a baseline report that details all exposed credentials related to your corporate email domains. To start out with a clean slate, BlueVoyant always recommends that previously compromised passwords are changed in an abundance of caution.  This also enables organizations to reinforce company security policies to ensure employees comply.

Evaluate Monthly Changes

BlueVoyant analysts continuously collect and analyze data to discover any additional exposed account credentials, highlighting repeat offenders for additional training. Customers will also receive a monthly update report which includes a list of any newly discovered compromised accounts.

Leverage Ad Hoc Alerts

In the event of a major data breach that may impact your firm, an ad hoc alert will be delivered immediately to ensure that you can take swift, appropriate actions, including password resets and account lockouts.

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