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CMMC Consulting

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requires third-party compliance assessments of DoD contractors that handle unclassified but sensitive information. BlueVoyant is a Registered Provider Organization with the CMMC Accreditation Board, and we’re here to help you with all matters of CMMC assessment and assessment preparation.

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CMMC Service Offered by BlueVoyant

The first DoD contracts with CMMC requirements will begin to roll out in early 2021.

Contract awardees must be compliant at the CMMC level stated in the contract prior to beginning work on the project.

There are five additive levels of CMMC certification that contractors can achieve. The security level required by any given contractor will correspond with the type of data they need to handle to perform the work.

With the new CMMC requirements, self-assessment is off the table. Companies must be assessed by a 3rd-party Certified Assessor. Many companies will also need help preparing for the assessment.

We can either help with preparations, or offer an assessment platform. We also provide a host of support – from fast tracking compliance through policy templates and awareness training, to MSS that checks 40 of 130 L3 boxes and 3PR services for supply chain security visibility.

Why BlueVoyant

  • Expertise

  • Our team has deep experience, impeccable credentials and an ongoing commitment to relevant training and updates from the CMMC-AB.
  • Comprehensive platform

  • • 3rd-party risk assessment of supply chain security for prime contractors
    • Documentation management support, policy templates and tailored security awareness for companies of all size
  • Commitment

  • A full 50% of the professional services team are veterans and many have worked in government service. We are invested in securing DIB members from attack.

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We have extensive experience in consulting with DoD contractors in matters of cybersecurity and are committed to helping companies of all size.

This means we’re equipped to offer a range of support:

For consulting, we forgo the flat fee approach and focus on educating the client on how to mature their cybersecurity to CMMC standards and beyond. We also offer bundled-in cybersecurity solutions for a fast, comprehensive process.

Also, prime contractors are required to monitor and manage risk around their subcontractors. BlueVoyant offers a third-party risk platform to prime contractors that will allow them to monitor subcontractor risks. Alongside this, we also offer a platform to remediate risks of subcontractors as they arise.

For the DoD in particular, smaller suppliers are often the creative engine in the design process. It’s where a vast amount of the creativity resides. Yet smaller businesses are also less likely to have formal security systems and processes. This makes things complicated for the complex networks of contractors and subcontractors that make up the DIB.

This is where BlueVoyant comes in. Whether you are a small business looking for advice on security practices or a large prime contractor looking for visibility into the practices of your network, our comprehensive platform and extraordinary team are here to help.

Common Concerns Around CMMC Brief

The new CMMC regulations will fundamentally change the way you do business with the Department of Defense. It’s not only a new framework, but a new third-party process.

At BlueVoyant, we are seeing common concerns emerging from clients as they start their CMMC journey and we wanted to share these with you.

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