Protect Your Business Reputation

Attackers use a variety of methods to steal information, from setting up fake websites to large-scale, malicious email phishing campaigns.

Successful phishing attacks can negatively impact your customers, brand reputation, and might result in revenue loss.

BlueVoyant Brand Watcher helps detect and disrupt phishing attacks targeting your customers and partners, providing an automated end-to-end solution for proactive detection, monitoring, and removal of external phishing threats.

BlueVoyant Brand Watcher helps protect your organization by delivering:

  • High fidelity alerts delivered with a 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Continuous monitoring 24 x 7
  • Unlimited, effective take-downs
Brand Watcher Brief

Remove Threats Quickly and Effectively

Take-down service that leverages BlueVoyant’s 24/7 Security Operation Centers (SOC) to take action immediately on your behalf and remove threats quickly.

How It Works

Data Collection

BlueVoyant scans more than 100 million potential phishing domains - analyzing a wide range of open and proprietary data sources, including active and passive DNS records, domain registration data, and advanced web-crawling capabilities - to identify bad actors.

High Fidelity Alerts

Brand Watcher integrates machine learning with cybersecurity expertise to uncover websites impersonating your brand while continuously adjusting detection parameters as the threat landscape evolves. 

Effective Take-down Processes

BlueVoyant’s fast-lane procedures and the ability to automatically generate supporting evidence helps expedite takedowns of fake websites and shorten the time to disable them.

Ready to start?

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