A Day in the Life of a Security Operations Center - Webinar

July 31, 2019

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Cybersecurity threats are increasing, becoming more sophisticated, and creating more damage. 44% percent of legitimate alerts are not investigated*. Security Operations are inundated with a deluge of alerts from disparate security solutions. Register Now


Unfortunately, only the largest and most well-defended organizations have the resources to investigate and respond to these threats. If you are struggling to defend your organization with constrained internal resources, there is an alternative. Managed Security Services specializing in endpoint detection and response offer a partnership that allows organizations to leverage industry-leading technologies and a level of expertise previously only available to the largest and most well-defended organizations.


But what exactly do these services offer? And how can your organization benefit? This BlueVoyant webinar, “A Day in the Life of a Security Operations Center,” looks at the capabilities provided through the 

BlueVoyant SOC and describes how partnering with us provides organizations with a better approach detecting advanced threats like ransomware and responding to them in real-time.

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During this webinar you will learn how BlueVoyant:

  • Can drastically reduce detection and response times.
  • Automate tasks traditionally done manually by humans automatically enrich and investigate all incidents and respond on your behalf.
  • Can help provide better visibility and reporting through custom client experience platform, Wavelength.

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*Cisco 2018 Benchmark Study

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