Identify Freshly Stolen Bank Card Numbers

Credit card fraud is by far the most common type of identity theft. Organizations continue to invest time, energy, and resources to try to protect customers. Unfortunately, threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated in finding and stealing this information.

BlueVoyant BIN Watcher™ can help your organization identify recently stolen credit card data and facilitate proactive protection for your customers.


Unmatched Chat Monitoring Capabilities

BIN Watcher™ is the only threat intelligence service that monitors closed groups in four distinct instant messaging applications: WhatsApp, Telegram, ICQ, and Discord. Hundreds of freshly stolen credit cards are advertised and sold on these channels each day.

What We Offer

Proactive Scanning

BIN Watcher™ continuously searches instant messaging applications and Dark Web traffic for mentions of Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) belonging to your firm.


You’ll receive instant notifications the moment any fraudulent activity associated with your customers’ debit and/or credit card data is observed to enable you to take immediate action.

Expert Insight

Benefit from BlueVoyant’s team of elite, field-seasoned, threat intelligence professionals leverage their knowledge of the Deep and Dark Web, as well as their deep understanding of threat actor behaviors, to better protect your customers’ data.

Proven Experience

BlueVoyant provides protection for many top global financial organizations. Services can be tailored to organizations of any size so that any organization can leverage our expertise and investigative capabilities.

Ready to start?

Let BlueVoyant BIN Watcher™ help protect your business.